a songwriting reason to get an ipod

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some of you or maybe many of you will have heard of this. i had heard of it before i got my ipod, but i was unaware really of how useful for songwriters the griffin italk recorder attachment could be.


if you need to record bits of potential songs as you come up with them, its hard to think of anything more useful than this.

it's the size of your thumb, an attachment that fits on to the top of the ipod. it's plug and play. pop it on and the ipod shows new options.

it records at 8 kHz 16 bit mono wav files, which for some reason sound fine. i think thats about a MB per minute? in a 40 GB ipod youll never run out of room. it has automatic gain control too--compression on the fly--so levels are always good.

when youre done recording you plug the ipod into your computer and your voice memos are ported to your hard drive automatically. they're already time-stamped, but you can then name them and erase them from the ipod if you want.

this is possibly the best method of archiving song ideas i've ever run across. just thought i'd mention it.

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Apr 12, 2005 01:50 pm

That's cool.

I have a 40gig iPod Photo and I have songs, photos, and even Pro Tools sessions I transfer from home to studio and back. So for us it provides another benefit.

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