Recording screams (metal-esque)

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Ok, I just need some pointers on the best way to record screaming. I record all my stuff in my room on a crapass beringer eurorack 4-track running into nuendo on my computer, and I only use plugins within Nuendo.
I just need help on a way to get that distorted crunch on the vocals but still keeping where it doesnt sound like Im just clipping the board. (eg. a good effect, what settings, etc.)
Thanks for the help.

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punk rock @$$hole
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Feb 28, 2005 10:53 am

id have to hear the scream. cookie monster? gutteral? inhaled? screamo? BM? hc?

tube pres that easily distort can make a good effect on metal vox. presonus tubepre for example. some people use guitar effects for distortion. you could use a crappy live mic with alot of gain through a PA or guitar speaker and mic up the speaker for a larger than life sound. you could get right on top of the mic for some proximaty(its too early to spell)effect.

is this a loud scream or a controlled scream(do you do it with your thraot or lungs?) if it is a quiet controlled throat scream make it as clean as possible then copy that track and add effects to one and have one stay clean and mix them together. if you are loud try a hallway or something place a mic up close and push the gain on a mic down the hallway. this will sound huge and ambient. mix to taste.

try different mics. i could go on and on. dont be afraid to try things and see how they sound.

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Feb 28, 2005 12:12 pm

yeah, i'm trackin' vox right now for a screamer....what we've done is track all the non screamin' parts seperately with a real nice mic. then for the screams he wanted a mic he could hold in his hands, so we put up the $1,000 mic and grabbed a $200 one and cranked the 'drive' on the tubes, i didn't wanna go all out on the distortion, but we had some real nice results.
so yeah, tubes and mic exparamentation is all i have to offer too.



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Feb 28, 2005 03:32 pm

well... you could use some guitar plugins on his voice

distortion and others

or limit/compress the hell out of it till it distorts

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