Lexicon MPX G-2

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Hey hows it going? Well anyway, ive had my eye on this for a while and ive heard it in action but i was wondering if anybody else has had any experience with this. Maybe could give me some opinions?

Oh, if you need a link to it here it is (lexicons site) www.lexiconpro.com/mpxg2/index.asp


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Czar of Midi
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Jan 11, 2005 09:31 pm

Well, Lexicon makes some of the higher end reverbs around. And they have also experimented with some very bizaree processors as well. I still own one of their Vortex processors as it has some very kool stuff for mangling audio.

I have not played with one, but have heard moslty good comments on it. Only bad one I heard was it was a bit noisey as a direct box. But as a processor they said it is pretty good.

Since: Dec 05, 2004

Jan 11, 2005 10:23 pm

yea i heard it on an album from a band called AFI. The guitarsist does some amazing stuff with this but im also positive it mostly has to do with his skill. I mean his guitar just sound so huge and full. I dunno if its helped by the processor or what but if its a recording technique id like to know it.

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