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I just recorded a guitar part that I really like and after I took my headphones off it somehow got erased. I didn`t have time to save it cause it got erased as soon as I finished. I still have the .wav file on my computer. I can open it and play it and mess with it as an individual file, but I can`t figure out how in the world to import back into the mix.

any ideas?

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Since: Apr 14, 2002

Nov 26, 2002 01:26 am

I shoulda told you this. I already went and looked under 'file' and went to the import option. I then went to 'import audio' and it opened up a whole bunch of .wav files and I was able to find the one I wanted. But I can`t figure out how to actually do the importing into the mix.

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Nov 26, 2002 05:21 am

Well, you are trying to do the import properly...if you can't find the wav that is another issue entirely. But, like I said the import audio option is where you import wav files into your mix.

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Nov 27, 2002 07:35 pm

Cubase is a little buggy some times. I have ran into difficulties importing a track, especially if there was something, even the same wav file on the track previously. I have had to go as far as to put all of the wav files in a new directory, start a new song and import all of the files into the new song and start the mix over. I can not validate my next statement, but I personally believe that Cubase tries to do too much. Too many things. I intuitevly precieve that Cubase features don't play together well. On the other side of the coin, I use it. I record with an Alesis HD and import the files into Cubase and mix using Cubase effects. The results are very good.

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Dec 01, 2002 08:26 am

Mitch, you need to remember to put the curser in the track you want to import the wav file to. And put it at the specific time you wish the wav file to land at. Then simply pick the file you want and click open. The file should plant itself right were you need it.

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