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i've gone through a wide range of m-audio delta products and finally settled on the delta 1010. LOVE the product and i'm trying to get mroe out of it.

So far i've only used the s/pdif I/O to send my mix to my monitors. I do mostly acoustic recording of groups and i'm looking to maximize the input capability of the 1010. How can i send a 2 direct outs or subouts on my mixer (1/4") into the stero s/pdif in.

Is there some sort of adapter or converter i can get the sends two 1/4" signals into a stereo s/pdif?? what other options do i have (maybe getting a 2 chan preamp with digital out?)

THanks a bunch

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Oct 04, 2004 06:14 am

The S/PDIF is digital, so to really get the most out of that, you most have a board with an S/PDIF digital out also. I went to Musicians Friend to see if they made like a 4 channel board with an S/PDIF out but didn't see one. Someone here will know if a board with some channels has that. If now, to use the digital, you can get a board with the amount of preamps you need that also have the S/PDIF out.

I have an Soundcraft M12 (12 preamp channels, 4 stereo channels) with a S/PDIF out with the Delta 1010 soundcard also. Amazing setup, haven't experience a time where I didn't have the right equipment to do what I want.

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Oct 08, 2004 10:20 pm

IF you have a 1010, why dont you just send the analog signal to the analog ins on the 1010? Or are you trying to record all the analog ins and the digital at the same time?

To get back to digital outs only you would either need a new digital mixer with digital I/O or you would need an analog to digital converter which cost wise is about the price of another audio interface. But if that is the road you need to take I guess i would opt for a digital converter.

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