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[size=4]Welcome to Home Recording Connection[/size]

Each of these forums has a topic that is to be discussed in it. This is to allow everyone to more easily find what they are looking for or get an answer quicker.

Recording - For topic in regards to recording techniques and conversation

Mixing - Questions related to the subject of mixing and premaster

Mastering - Discussing the fine art of mastering your final product

Gear Gab - Gear opinion, questions, thoughts, reviews and such. Including hardware, software and equipment.

Computers & Software - Whether you are debating going to a PC-based studio, need help trouble-shooting or need advice on software or hardware purchases, talk about it here.

Music & Composition - Songwriting theory, music critiques and general composition discussion
Sampling & Field Recording - For posts relating to collecting of samples and mobile recording techniques.

Live Sound Reinforcement - For sound system specific questions. Setting up a PA is very different from a studio, if you have questions, ask here.

Talkin' Smack - Whatever...just general conversation about anything.

If you wish to participate in this forum, please follow these simple rules:

- Don't insult anyone or use vulgar,offensive or abusive language.
- Don't discuss piracy, warez or other illegal activities.
- Don't post your stupid MLM, Amway or other stupid scams because we don't care how rich you can make us.
- Don't post the same question more than once.
- Do NOT use the forums for blatant advertising

If you are being rude, disruptive or otherwise making a nuisance out of yourself, you will be banned. Many forums do not care about content or keeping the forum civil and respectful. We do...we have banned before, and though we hate doing it, we will in order to keep this a fun, positive and enjoyable place to hang out.

Search the Forum
Remember to at least try to search the forum to find answers if you can. Many questions are asked on a very regular basis, and the answer to your question may very well already be here.

Don't advertise in the forums
We have a "classifieds" section for buying and selling gear, finding bandmates and the like, don't post them here. We also have a links directory for promoting your website and link/banner exchange programs for a limited amount of associates.

Don't Double (or more) Post
If the same post appears in two or more forums, you stand the chance of ALL of them being deleted. Especially if they are blatant advertisements.

Keep it related
As stated above, this forum is for recording question and answers. All other conversation should be in the other forum.

Who we are
We are simply a group of home recording enthusiasts that enjoy talking about home recording, asking advice and opinions from each other and have little interest in getting into arguments and engaging in fights about stuff.

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