Macintosh Multiple Input Card/Device?

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I'm looking to finally upgrade my recording process (before, I've used multiple macs to get multiple channels), but have no clue as to what sort of device I need. Is there any sort of Mac device, hopefully external because I have a flatscreen iMac, with at least 8 inputs? I'd really rather not have to get a PC, too...


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Jun 05, 2004 02:54 am

well, there is Digidesign's Digi 002 (with control surface)or Digi 002R (rackmount with out control surface) that comes with Pro Tools LE. Pretty common Mac Multitrack Software.

These both connect to PC via firewire and have 4 preamps, 8 analog ins/outs, 8 digital (adat optical), and 2 more via s/pdif. it also has Stand-alone mode: 8x4x2 digital mixer with EQ, dynamics, effects without a PC.

of course this is an expensive option. there are other soundcards out there but this is what i'm familiar with.

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