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I downloaded the demo and the sound is very realistic. I'll plead ignorance here, anyone using this and how do you get the keyboard involved, obviously midi, I have a M-audio 24/96 card. Thanks

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Since: Jun 28, 2002

Sep 26, 2003 08:22 pm

yeah i have it, its really awesome, as for the keyboard question i just plug stuff in till it works so i don't really know how to connect the key board to midi. everytime i set up i forget

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Sep 26, 2003 11:17 pm

Hey Dave

Well, in order to play any softsynth via an external MIDI keyboard, you will need a Midi Interface - now if I remember correctly the 24/96 does have MIDI I/O sor you are set on that front.

Connect the MIDI Out from your Keyboard to the MIDI In of your M-Audio 24/96 Soundcard.

Now in your Music Program (you didn't say which one you are using, Cubase, Sonar, etc?) you need to set the MIDI input from the 24/96 to be routed to your softsynth's input - this should be clear in the help file.

Now you can just play away and enjoy it like neverB4 (god that was terrible)

Since: Sep 26, 2003

Sep 27, 2003 02:52 pm

Thanks all for the help, I am using Sonar 2, guess I need to find the midi cables and give it a shot.


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Sep 27, 2003 08:36 pm

Lots of people here use Sonar, I'm sure they will be able to tell you the exact steps you need to take within the software to enable an external midi controller to controll a softsynth.


Czar of Midi
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Sep 27, 2003 09:09 pm

Ya, Dave. Just give a shout if you have any problems getting the midi port live in Sonar. I am back on the forums full time again and also am the resident Sonar guru so to speak.

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Sep 28, 2003 12:22 am

Thanks Noize2u,
I hooked up and can hear it, but don't know how to configure it in Sonar to record it. Does this thing sound like the real deal or what?? I'd appreciate any help you can give me.


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Oct 21, 2003 11:33 pm

If you can use 20-30 seconds at a time you're all set.. otherwise it seems as if you are supposed to purchase something; There's a inane noise emitted periodically, so as I said is actually the way it is. You can't blame them, really, it is an awesome clone of the behemoth co-star of "EscapeFrom Alcatraz"(Clint E.)

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