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i just saw it. i was expecting junk. but they keep getting better and better. this movie has some very cool things in it storywise, and the end is sickening, inevitable, and perfect.

anyone else?

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Jul 28, 2003 11:44 pm

It wasn't bad, but I wasn't knocked out by it either. It was the same storyline as in T2, bad terminator, good terminator, from the future to kill John Connor.
I have to go with Austin Powers' son and ask with all that technology, why don't they just pop in and kill him when he's on the crapper?
But I did LOVE the action. The early chase scenes with that massive crane. Sweet.
I've seen most of the new movies, the one I remember the most parts was "The league of extraordinary gentleman." I enjoyed it

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Jul 28, 2003 11:56 pm

true, same storyline with one terminator chasing another. hey, at least it's consistent. but i just loved what they did with arnold's internal conflict--the terminator 'feels' rage! amazing. that sweeping, sad and majestic music as he smashes the car hood over and over and over again. for a moment it seemed like a true instance of consciousness emerging in him--a predicament which he had to stand outside of to solve. he essentially rewrote his own programming. people behind me said 'hm.' no one was expecting that.

and i thought the ending was perfect. i totally bought john connor's emotional predicament. i thought they really handled that expertly.

although...i still dont understand how the machines survive after they destroy civilization. where are they getting thier power?

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Jul 29, 2003 07:46 am

Why not just come back when he/she's a baby?
They couldn't get away then, could they?
Saying that, having a big hard terminator killing babies wouldn't look to good in a film!

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Jul 29, 2003 08:33 am

Power? They didn't kill everybody. They saved some for an energy source.....Oh wait, that's the Matrix

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Jul 29, 2003 01:13 pm

Why not just come back when he/she's a baby?

that's kinda what they did in the first movie. they tried to kill Sarah (John's mom) before she even concieved him, but the little paradox that always got me was how they did that, sent a terminator to kill Sarah Conner, John COnner's mother, and the resistance sent a soldier, Kyle Reese to save her, but Kyle eneded up becoming John's father. I mean, I'm no expert on time travel or anything, but it's fun to think about :O) -j

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Jul 29, 2003 01:23 pm

yeah, in sci fi i 'think' that's called something like a closed time loop. technically it's a paradox, but i think people write about them because they're so weird and fun. i tried to write a story about one on purpose once for school. it was a variation on the 'kill your own grandfather' paradox, but in this one, an old man accidentally gets his young self killed by thier own father, and the old man is the one who brought the gun back to his own past--the result being that the old man's/boy's father becomes the new owner of the gun, which will be handed down to the kid when he is old enough, which may start the cycle again. the gun was also the thing that transported the old man. it constantly wanted to return home, but technically it was never manufactured. just like reese.

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