Anyone knowledgeable in electronics and power supplies out there?

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So, about a year ago I lost my best friend far, far to young. I have been working with his widow to liquidate some of his music gear, I took a couple amps, pedals, guitar stands, etc...random stuff sitting around for years.

So, I have a couple Digitech multi-effect pedals, one vocal harmonizer type of thing, and one guitar effect processor...these processors I have, I have the owners manuals, everything except the power supplies.

They require a 9v 1300Ma vocal unit I have determined isn't working at all, it fires up, but no audio comes out at all...the guitar processor sends out feedback (which annoys my Willie the cat to no end)...

Then, realizing I was using a 9v, but much lower Ma...could this be the cause of such feedback, or no audio at all? I have a few 9v, but none are 1300Ma...

Could anyone explain if this could be the cause, and if so, why? I could understand if someone could explain it, it's just not something that is in my wheelhouse of knowledge.

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