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Created to push the boundaries of creativity within trap music today this sound set was made to assist you in raising the bar & producing high quality compositions with ease.
Utilizing Electra's powerful multi-layer capabilties alongside all the amazing new features in version 2.7, these sounds are full of versatility & inspiration and are sure to get your creative side flowing in no time.
Say goodbye to beatblock & boring old sounds & be ready to create your best music to date!


200 Sounds
Created by established sound designers Ocean Veau & Imperial
All sounds can be "transformed' with the modwheel so really like 400 sounds in total
Transforming arpeggios, cinematic & morphing pads, ambient & spacey keys & plucks, life like vintage bass & guitars, alongside soothing & warping leads & synths
Volume of all sounds have been properly normalized
Makes use of the new features introduced with the latest version of Electra
Minimal sample use & the patches that do have samples have been properly programmed so they are still capable of full dynamic expression & the highest possible sound quality
All sounds have been designed so that little to no mixing is required
Seamless integration into the user-interface
Easy installation
Mac and PC


Great for trap & hip hop, RnB, cinematic, filmscoring, experimental, sample making, or whatever musical endeavours of your choice. Very wide range of versatilty. Enjoy the veau!

Patch breakdown

36 Arpeggiators
32 Pads
25 Bass
14 Guitar
26 Keys
20 Lead
26 Plucked
21 Synth

Price: €39 / $49

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