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I record audio tutorial at my home studio and has no connection with creating music so my requirement is very basic (just to record clean audio as much as possible at my end).

Issue: I was facing a noise issue which was coming on its own when I start recording
(while monitoring I noticed, sometimes there was modulating and phasing frequency (going up and down) and the other time it was whine in the noise) somehow that is fixed now:

Solution: For last two days I've been doing many things for ex:
I rearranged the usb and power cables, shuffled the power sockets and plugs so that nothing overlaps on anything:

Its seems something is working now :) so I did the demo recording and this recording sounds clean to my ears but you will be the judge:

I set the gain to 50% (instead of 65% on which I usually record) in AI (Scarlett solo 2nd gen)

Demo recording: I did two recordings one using ASIO driver and other using Waveout driver in Reaper. I request you please listen to them:

Used ASIO drivers Gain 50% (first 10 seconds are room tone):

Used Waveout drivers Gain 50% (first 10 seconds are room tone):

2. After listening to the audio files, do they sound clean recording?

3. And is the gain appropriate? (if I had increased the gain in AI then mic would have picked up noise because it was noisy outside while recording)

Let me know your feedback :)

Thanks in advance!

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Feb 01, 2020 07:18 am

While I have not listened to the demos yet (will try to), one thing to note regarding noise, wherever possible, try to run speaker wires and power cables separately, and in parallel, not crossing each other...not having speaker wires laying across power cables perpendicular...that can introduce noise.

Since: Jan 30, 2020

Feb 01, 2020 11:43 pm

I usually keep the speakers turned off while recording...
still they can create noise if it's wire overlaps the power cord or they only create noise when the speakers are turned on?

Since: Apr 03, 2002

Feb 17, 2020 02:17 am

What do you mean "speakers turned on"? Are they self powered or do you have an amp that sends powered signals to the speakers, if self powered, it shouldn't be an issue...if amplifier is involved, turn the amp off, shouldn't be a problem.

So there must be a bigger issue, maybe bad ground somewhere, or some cable went bad in the system someplace.

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