I´d appreciate help with connecting my Yamaha MG10 to my PC :)

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Hey there, and good morning lads! :)

I hope this is the correct section for asking the following questions:

First at all, im "new" to all this stuff, tho ive been making "music" for the several years, but mostly for me and some friends, so i didnt care much about the quality. Ive always done it without any professional equipment before.

I want to record my voice to make rap music, podcasts, voiceovers, and an audio book which i am writing on for several months.

I now decided to get myself a Yamaha MG10 Mixing Console, and a Rode Mt1-A Microphone. I am using Audacity as my main recording software.

I saved up everything i could to afford this equipment and now its driving me crazy not getting it to work properly.

The main problem is, that i seem to not get any sound through the Rode NT1-A into the Yamaha Mg10. I connected the Rode Nt1-A via XLR into the Mic/line In on the mixing console, and the Yamaha is going into the Line in of my Pc. The MG10 is not supporting USB. The Yamaha Mg10 is not having a Main out or Rec out, therefore i am using the Stereo Out (-->line in) which doesnt seem to work for me. I also tried using the Monitor Out, and even tried using a cinch cable.

The Yamaha is showing up as a recording device (through Line in) on my computer, and i am using it as my main recording device, tho whenever i try to record something in Audacity it doesnt seem to get signals. In Audacity itself the Line in is set as the main recording device aswell. All the Regulators on the mixing console are set to "zero" (beside the main volume out regulators which are slightly higher than "normal"). I also tried it with, and without the Phantom Power turned on.

I watched several videos on Youtube, and i read very much about it, so i thought i am doing this right, but it still seems like i am not.

I tried to explain it as best as i can, and i am sorry for my bad grammar, im from austria and i havent spoke a lot of english for a long time :)

I hope you do get what i mean, and if i am lucky you also want to help me aswell, i would appreciate it very very much :)

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Jan 16, 2018 03:12 pm

Do any sound levels register on the meters of the mixer? On the channel or the outputs?

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Jan 17, 2018 07:03 am

Thanks for the quick answer :)

The sound levels go up when i turn the phantom power on, but they dont if i speak into the mic or tip at its head.

Edit: Either on the Yamaha or the Pc, they dont go up. I thought that the Mic itself isnt working, but then i thought again and i think its likely a PC or mixer problem)

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Jan 18, 2018 09:23 am

If you are plugging the mic into the mixer, and the mixer into the computer, and the level are not going up on the mixer, then it's not even getting to the PC so you can't blame the PC yet.

Right now I suspect either your mic may be bad (you need phantom power for that mic, but be ABSOLUTELY SURE to turn phantom power off before unplugging it.

The other option is you do not have the channel the mic is on assigned to the outputs you are monitoring. I suspect there are some puch-buttons to assign the channel to main outs, aux outs, etc.

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Jan 23, 2018 07:22 am

When i turn on the 48V Phantom Power the bars go up for a second, same when turning the mixer on :)

I was trying everything I can think of yesterday and 2 days ago again, but I still cant manage to get it to work :/

Its an analog mixer, and has no buttons to "switch" between usb/aux or something like that, it hasnt got USB.
sadly, there are no buttons to press beside the HPF and a Pad button for each mic/line

I tried plugging it into the mic in of my Pc instead of the line in, and i got very weird noises when recording something tho my mic wasnt plugged in. tho i could control the volume of the hiss by turning the stereo out volume on the mixer up and down.

thanks alot <3

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Feb 03, 2018 10:30 am

Curious, did you happen to unplug the mic at any point while under phantom power? That could have blown up your mic.

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