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I have a pretty decent and cheap set up (for what I can do). My computer is super fast, but I hate my latency for my ekit. I play progressive metal with many kick 32nds on 180bpm. Minimum latency is a must for me (most say they can't hear below 7ms, but I easily throw myself off when routing monitors through the daw. I have a few questions and statements.

My goal is to use my own pre recorded acoustic drums to trigger. I've replaced midi files with my software to do so (hehehe). I think I can figure out how to do that with any software, so I'm not picky about software. I'm trying to play and record, but mostly play only (i understand that the closest to 0 latency is mostly achieved by running trigs into a module, into the interface, and the modules analogue outs go to monitors and such).

Would my tascam us 1800 not even compare to the speeds for let's say something small like a firebox (simply for the sake of firewire)?

Should I go daw or standalone for just play?

Are there some good recommendations for tweaking Windows.. 7 and/or 10 (farther than what this site has... I am fully confident with regedit and have enough experience to know if I would cause damage)?

And finally, does anybody know if Linux os (most likely ubuntu) and software a better time dealing with latency? I can always do a dual boot and try any suggestion.

As far as the drum stuff to pc I have triggers > ddrum trigger io > tascam us1800 (midi) - separate pc buss from all hardware (usb) > sonar x3 - a handful of synths.

My pc has 32g ram, 2 Xeon dual processors, 250g ssd, 2t hdd... My video card is older GeForce quadro 3500 (in getting something a bit better very soon depending if I have to go FireWire or not)

Thanks in advance! I haven't been on this site in years! Glad to see it's still here dB! Hope to hear from wyd if he's still around!

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