Surprising what a small PA can do if used right!

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I wanted to see what my bands little practice PA could do, so I ran sound for a friends band in a small outdoor venue under a bandshell.

Pretty basic set up, two powered FOW speakers on tripods, two unpowered floor wedges and a couple unpowered FOH speakers.

Put the powered on the tripods, the wedges front stage and the unpowered FOH sidewashing for drummer monitoring...the PA was used to mix the vocals in with the instrument amps (in my band we also run the keys thru it, and kick if we need to).

I was really quite surprised how far the sound went, sounding good, and how well the levels held, the vocals were loud and present and kept up with some pretty decent instrument amps and loud drums.

Just goes to show, ya don't need massive gear sometimes to pull of fun littler gigs...I've seen bands pull in 18" subs, crossovers and everything else for that size of show at times...seems wasteful.

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Jun 17, 2016 07:32 am

Bandshells can do some crazy things

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Jun 17, 2016 07:52 am

That is VERY true! Fortunately, we have a very nice one at the city park, amplifies nicely without much feedback or weird echo...always wanted to play that bandshell, should have that day, but the singer and keyboardist had other plans.

Losers...turned out OK, cuz it was a very hot day, which lead to a very dead event...

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