My first post here :) Can someone please critique my mix?

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First of all want to say hi to everyone this is my first post here. I have been working for this acoustic cover over past few weeks. My ears are now so numb to this song and cannot figure out the problem myself. This is nothing very professional but I just want to make it comfortable for listen.

Here is my work:

Can someone please figure out any problems in my mix?

Thanks in advanced.

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Jun 19, 2015 06:08 am

Hey there CFMixing, welcome to HRC.

All my comments will be made with the disclaimer that I am listening on a Beats powered laptop, so, not the most awesome speakers...but here goes.

Nice song, I really like her voice, very nice. I like how the voice was recorded, more than that I like her breath control through some of those choppier lyrical parts. The guitar sounds nice with nice dynamics, but I think it might be worth experimenting with perhaps a little bit more compression, as the guitar virtually drops out of site now and least on these speakers.

If it doesn't drop out on more full range monitors (I'll listen in my studio over the weekend) then one can assume you need to harmonically balance the mix so it sounds it's best in any listening situation, whether a big home system, smaller car system, or tiny little ear buds.

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