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I am getting hum from only three of my guitars record, but only when the mic is activated to record. It only happens with three of my twelve guitars, strangely, on with two of my my three humbucker guitars and to a lesser extent with a P-90 guitar. My other humbucker guitar and my single coil guitars are dead quiet, as are these three until the mic is activated. It doesn't seem to be the guitars themselves as I has checked them by turning up the volume and gain on the amps and they are quiet. This hum only begins when I activate a mic. It does stop when I touch the bridge or strings on them. But, as I said, without the mic on they are as quiet as can be.

I only play clean and use no pedals and record and play at low volume. I am using a Tascam DP-0008 Portastudio and I have tried using a Shure SM-57, a made in the USA Peavey dynamic and have also tried a condenser mic with the Tascam's phantom power. Get the hum from just those three guitars with any of them. I have changed guitar cords, mic cords and still get it, but only on those three guitars. I am stumped by this. If I had hair I would have pulled it out by now.

Any suggestions?

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May 09, 2015 03:26 pm

Hum is often caused by grounding issues, does the microphone hum on it's own, without the guitar in the picture?

Can you use a suppressor to get rid of it? If not, what affect does it have?

Is it the same amp being mic'd that hums sometimes and not others? If different amps, what are the differences?

"It does stop when I touch the bridge or strings on them."

That makes me think there is some sort of grounding issue somewhere in the power chain....maybe those guitars are miswired?

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