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Mar 08, 2015 07:07 pm

Sorry guys, I typed up my own issue and discovered the answer. However, I have a couple issues with Reaper I am having a tough time fixing...

I am currently using Superior Drummer 2.0 for my drum tracking with an Alesis DM10 Pro Studio Kit.

Let me start from the beginning of a new project to step by step what I am doing. I am an a nazi when it comes to keeping my work station organized. I was previously using Sony Acid Pro 7, and I was always able to keep my time line cleaned up by making Folder tracks to group things in, so I could easily expand or shrink large groups of tracks on a timeline.

I am attempting to do the same in Reaper, but some what confused.... and I hope I am explaining this properly. If not, I can post a youtube video to show you my issues...

In Sony Acid, when I started a folder track to group several tracks into, it made a folder group and put all the tracks into it. In Reaper, it appears that the first track in a folder/group is the actual folder track, is this correct? In Acid, if I where to say add 3 tracks to a folder group, none of the tracks would appear until I opened the folder track. But in Reaper, it looks like the first track is the actual folder itself....?

Have said that, here is my issue when it comes to my drum tracks.

Lets say I open Reaper and start a brand new clean slate project. I wanna add my drum sounds in. I'll right click on the time line and select "Insert virtual instrument on new track". I see a list of options that I have installed. I select "Superior Drummer 2 (x86) (ToonTrack) (32 Out)" which loads my SD 2.0.

Now, BEFORE it loads it, I get a message that says "Do you want to add the following tracks for this effect? If not, only the stereo 1/2 outputs will be audible without further routing"

Then it list the following:

"Stereo 1/2->New Track 2 "S1/2"
"Stereo 3/4->New Track 2 "S3/4"
"Stereo 5/6->New Track 2 "S5/6"

Ect... In that format, all the way to 32 channels. I click "Yes" and it adds 17 stereo tracks to the mixer. I can then goto the SD 2.0 plugin and route all the drum mics on that mixer to the channels on Reaper's mixer. So far, so good...

However, I want to group all my drum tracks together, so I click on the folder icon to make the main outs for SD a folder track so it groups all the drum tracks together, and all the audio from SD 2.0 stops working. When i un-group them to the original format, all the audio comes back.

Am I missing something here?

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Mar 09, 2015 07:04 am

I will have to try this tonight and see how it behaves. I never use the folder/grouping of tracks, and when I add drums (I use BFD Eco) I add it as only a stereo track that all the drums come out of because I very rarely feel the need to tweak drums individually any further than the sample creates have already done.

I will try to make time tonight to check it out though and see what it does/how it behaves.

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Mar 09, 2015 07:27 am

I actually got reply from the Reaper forum. The instrument tracks for things like vsti's cannot be used as folder tracks. I will have to add a new track, and use that track as the folder track for the drums. Such is fine by me ha. I thought I was going something wrong.

As far as the latency issue with my dm10 I talked about yesterday, the gentleman that replied to me was also stumped, as closing Reaper A's reopening it didn't seem to fix it. So that issue is still a mystery.

The issue is gone for now that I made a new template... do far so good!

I'm going to try tracking the test of our project with reaper. Thanks again for the recommendation!

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Mar 09, 2015 07:31 am

I have found different drivers for audio devices to have a HUGE impact in Reaper, moreso than in other apps. That, for me, has been one of the more frustrating aspects of Reaper...and with a couple of updates, what seems to be the better performing driver has changed...Fortunately, Line 6 (my interface is a KB37) has pretty solid drivers, but have heard people with lesser interfaces have more of a problem.

I will say tho, the last few updates have been pretty solid and not messed with stuff too much.

I am really looking forward to the next version of Reaper, the notation tool will be very cool to have.

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Mar 09, 2015 07:36 am

Would you recommend buying the current version, or is version 5 coming out sin? I'm always sketchy with new versions because of these things with drivers and bugs...

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Mar 09, 2015 07:38 am

I am not sure when it's coming out, I've heard about it for a long time, so who knows.

J-Bot may know more than I do in regards to that.

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