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Here is a tune that I have been working on. Not sure if I've overcompressed it to mush.
I did put the Kramer Master Tape plug on it for this mix which I think helps glue it.

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Apr 23, 2014 09:17 pm

Sounds over compressed to me. Nice song! :)

AC GTR could be a bit warmer less highs. I would like to hear more of the drums and backing vocals. Personally I would stick with one AC GTR track to tidy things up and then make more of the elec GTR when it comes in.

Bass could come down a few dB and I would scoop some woolliness out of it as well. It could have more sub bass to fill in the spaces between kicks.

Whenever I use that Kramer Tape plugin I always wind the input to 0 and put the playback to full. I find it does too much on the master bus!

All personal preferences of course! hehe

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Apr 23, 2014 11:42 pm

I will address each of these ideas you have very soon and post another mix.
Please explain bass woolliness for me. I have heard this before about my bass tones and am unclear what that means. When I record bass, I do roll off the tone on the bass to give it less clarity on the attack of the string. I am not sure why I prefer that- maybe I am trying to hide the sound of the pick. Are you referring to the overall EQ?
Also- you suggest one acoustic- what is the customary panning for 1 AC, when you have Bass, Drums. I was thinking about this today- Where do I put only 1 guitar in the stereo field? I tend to alway record 2 guitars- only for stereo balance- way wide. Really you are making me think!!!
Thanks for the listen!

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Apr 26, 2014 08:38 pm

When I'm working with acoustic guitar, (well, the guy was using an acoustic/electric) I tend to keep it slightly right of center, maybe between 5 and 10%. If noon is Unity/Center, then about 12:30 on the dial. But, I usually record acoustic dry to avoid bad room acoustics, so what I do is use 100% wet reverb effect on a duplicate track, and then pan that reverb track a little further opposite direction of the dry track.

So, if the dry track is 5 to 10% to the right, I'll dial the reverb track maybe 10 to 15% left, and then mix it in until you barely start to hear it, but you notice it when it's not there. This creates a sense of space, and you get a little bit of the acoustic guitar sound in the left speaker/channel.

That's just what tends to work for me, though, and that track was with acoustic/electric, vocals (which I keep pretty close to center) a synth bass line, piano sample, and a drum kit software.

You could try recording with 2 mics, one close, one a couple feet back to capture more of the room sound, and then mix to taste.

Otherwise, Col. Sanders won't steer you wrong on his critiques, so I'd listen to him! As for what he means by bass "wooliness" he probably means that its fluffy/muffled sounding in the low mids (somewhere in 200 to 300Hz maybe?), so cutting some of that out will help promote clarity, and help tighten up the bass sound.

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