Behr MX9000 PSU Probs? Yep, me too. 2002 - 2014 lasted longer than some!!!

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I've had this desk and PSU since 2002 (VERY very LIGHT use!!) and had no probs until 2011 when one channel trim failed and was left pretty low in dB's but usable. Then, 2012 two other channels went south in a similar fashion.
Then in 2013, after an extended period of no use, I turned her on and all the meterbridge LED's across the board were fully maxed to the top!! and stayed that way (no unusual sounds ) until I turned it off and sat around depressed for some time... then kept it off & gave ALL the pots and switches a good ON/OFF 20 to 30 times each along with vigorous multiple slides of the faders over and over to hopefully expose some good metal to metal contact...As you could imagine that took about a 1/2 hour...turned it on again and it has just kept it's head above water until today...March 7 2014. Again I haven't used it in over 4 months because of different circumstances, but alas, the dreaded -17 volt light aint on and the main PFL solo LED isn't working. But all other solo LEDs are.

I guess the more robust rectifier replacements that've been talked about on other threads seems possible to me.

Too bad we all didn't wait until NOW to jump on board a Behringer product of this size, now that they're making quality gear after financially acquiring MIDAS.

I really like the layout of the desk. Just thought I'd join in on of the few places I see anyone talk about this piece of equipment MX9000.

I plan on checking into those Cap replacements and Reg's.
Thanks for being here. It's nice to see over a decade of banter and fixes here, right when I decide to join and post for the 1st time... cool.


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Mar 08, 2014 04:40 am

Hey there Halogen Sky, nice to see you...nice to hear a, well, positive anyway, story about the MX9000, we have had a few users of that board come thru here. A lot of folks hate on Berry products, I don't, I have had quite a few of their things over the years, and never had a problem with any of them...I liken them to Peavey...inexpensive alternatives that are actually decent products. Some better than others and whatever, but decent products.

Welcome to HRC, hope to see you around and hear some of your music some time.

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Mar 08, 2014 05:50 pm

Hey Halogen Sky.

I've had a few of these desks across my bench for similar issues. The main thing that I have found with Berhinger and Mackie are the ribbon cables. I wish I could tell you that just resetting them would solve most of the issues. However, I can't. Just about all of them had to be replaced, and that fixed every issue that I ran across with them.

The cables are cheap, and you can purchase them for a multitude of sites on the web. Give that a try first before rebuilding the caps, and rectifiers. As replacing the caps in these units can be an exercise in humility!

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