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Hi all!

Ive been listening to Dave Grohl's Sound City Players album (really liking the neve sound) but in particular Ive noticed that Ive never really got my backing vocal sound sorted - listening to "You cant fix this" with Stevie Nicks on Vox and Dave Grohl on backing (

sound im talking about at 1.32)- I think they go for a kind of Fleetwood Mac sound with the backing but Im not sure how to do it really - its a wide stereo sound without appearing in the middle much as to take anything away from the main vocal part - im thinking copy the mono track and reverse phase shift one? But im pretty sure they were going back to basics with no digital processing and im not sure if phase reverse was easy to do (?) There is also another wide backing vox sound which is more in your face at 2.50 which again Im not too sure how to replicate.

Thanks in advance!

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Jul 17, 2013 02:02 am

Sounds like quite a stack, but nothing more than panning away from the center.

One thing for sure -- Copying and reversing polarity isn't going to do anything except perfect cancellation. This has a crapload of cancellation, no doubt. But what you want are several tracks - Not copies of one.

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Oct 11, 2013 01:33 pm

Try panning one of the copies to the left and one to the right but nudge the copy by about 30 milliseconds. This should widen it up quite a bit. 30 milliseconds should be undetectable as an echo to the human ear.

As mentioned an exact cop, reversed phased will only cancel each other

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