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just wanted to ask the forum if anyone makes use of logmein or any other tools to control another computer in order to do mixing work etc?

The reason I ask is that my studio is located up in my loft up a steep ladder, and with a 7 month old to take care of and who sleeps directly under my studio, its sometimes difficult to get up there and its out if bounds anyway at night when she is asleep below. I dont have the room to have my studio computer anywhere else.

I have tried logmein (free edition) which allows connection over the internet and appears to work quite well - I can see the studio computer screen etc and can control nuendo with minimal latency - however the free edition doesnt stream audio. The paid for version does apparently and there is a free trial, but it does quite a lot more than I require and when i only require a connection over wifi and not the internet.

Does anyone do anything similar or have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Mar 27, 2012 11:50 am

What about Remote Desktop Connection that is included with Windows? I know it streams audio but not sure about the quality. I would think the audio quality would be an issue

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Mar 27, 2012 02:25 pm

I also use Remote Desktop on my laptop from time to time from behind the kit when I'm pretending to play drums, but I don't have any streaming audio needs in that situation. Although you can enable this option: Windows key+R, type mstsc then press enter, select Local Resources tab, click Remote audio settings button,Select "play on this Computer" radio button, go back to General tab and type in the computer name or IP address you need to connect to and then click connect. You will need to specify a username that is password protected in order to log in. Once you're in, my primary concern would be audio compression...and not the kind with a ratio knob. The kind that will generalize audio to fit through the remote desktop session bandwidth in realtime. You can max out your RDP audio performance by going to the "Experience" tab of remote desktop and selecting the bottom most "LAN" option before inputting the computer name/IP address and clicking Connect. If audio performance is still crappy, you could either try the trial of Logmein to see if it's any better, a really LONG ethernet cable (100 meter max length, but your best option for improving audio via terminal services) or you could try upgrading to a wireless N router AND a wireless LAN card on your laptop (I doubt it came with one stock even if it's new, most still don't). The improved speed connection might (probably will) help.

I also use Logmein from my phone when I need a mix in a pinch, again, no streaming audio needs. There's also this app called v-control on the iPad that might help with what you need:


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Mar 27, 2012 03:03 pm

One other tool that is available, and I have used several times in live situations, is RealVNC.


It's faster than Remote Desk Top. And allows you to log in with several computers at once.

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Mar 28, 2012 09:02 am

thanks for your suggestions guys,

I dont think realvnc allows for audio transmission - which I require.

But I tried out remote desktop and it works rather well, a lot better than i thought, sometimes you cant tell that its another computer from looking at it.

However, audio wise I have a few problems, the audio quality (when it plays) is pretty good, but it stutters a lot. When accessing my studio from my imac, its perfect, but my imac isnt very portable. Ive tried on two other pc's, a laptop, and my iphone, all work well with small projects, but larger ones has the audio stuttering.

Im not too bothered about quality, i will leave EQing etc till I get some time in the studio, so mainly just moving things around etc.

Is there any way of changing the RDP audio quality in Terminal Services? Ive searched online quite a bit but cant find anything

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Mar 28, 2012 10:46 am

nevermind, ive fixed it!

The audio kept on stuttering but it seems it was a NUendo issue using the new RDP Audio driver which sends the audio back to the remote connection client, I just increased the buffer size in Nuendo and it now works fantastically. I spent ages looking for a solution editing the Terminal Services settings (Windows 7 apparently offers a setting where you can limit the quality of the audio so it constantly streams and doesnt cut out) but unfortunately windows XP doesnt have it. Though, if anyone else wishes to try this with XP, then if you have SP3 installed, you can download the Terminal Services 7 client (made for vista) which has improved quaity and works with xp sp 3.

The audio quality is really quite good, surprisingly so, and with the iPhone app "iTap" I can now mix on my phone, on my bloody couch downstairs! How awesome is that!?

Thanks for your help guys

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