Euphonix System 5 FOR SALE,

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I'm selling a Euphonics System 5.

The system is in good shape and was recently looked over by a Euphonics representative and is fully operational.

All components are there however it requires a frame.

Below is a list of components,

I''m Looking to get $40,000.

If your interested please email me at [email protected]

- DF64 Digital Frame
- DF64 Power Module
- FC631 Frame Controller
- (10x) SP661 Singal Processing Cards [***.916-05130-01, REV C, GUID 1237]
- (2x) MM641 MADI Interfaces
- (5x) 8ch Fader Units
- Trackball Unit
- SH612 Studio Hub
- PC253i Interface Pilot Computer
- PC253d Digital Pilot Computer
- MC524 Monitor Comms-Interface
- MA703 MADI to Analog
- SC261 Studio Computer
- Euphonix TT007
- 96ch patch bay
- Hewlett Packard Pro Curve Switch 2424m
- respective cables
- MOTU 32ch Pocket Express

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