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I record a lot of original tunes, however, when in need of inspiration - or after spending a lot of time on a particular song / only to be disappointed with the end result –
I record other audio creations, with funny voices, sound effects and etc. I wonder if any one else does similar productions, such as one of my original juvenile productions. “Garage Band From Hell”
(Yea, it’s inspired from days of past – years ago!)
w w

Another one is – an audio News Cast using only band names to tell the story…
It’s called “The Great Band Name Kidnapping Adventure of Jane Doe”
w w

Listen – and hopefully enjoy!


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Sep 03, 2011 05:30 am

Yeah, sure. There's at least one old fart (Herb, I'm using that as a term of endearment. Honest! Don't feed me to the turtles!) around here who does voiceover work. I think Rob does or has done some field recordings of various noises and stuff in the past (or at least I thought he did)

I've created a sound blurb (Station ID) for my father in-law's old radio programs site, which you can hear over here:

I got permission to use some radio static sound I found over on the project site. I mangled it a tad, and tried to emulate the old 30's 40's 50's old timey type of radio sound, and flipping stations before zeroing in on a good signal. I don't have any kind of tube equipment, so I tried to emulate the tube distortion using a VST plug-in that supposedly emulates a tube kinda sound. They liked how it turned out though. :)

I've used my synths to create arcade-ish type of sound effects, and I'm thinking about using them to try and create some eerie, distorted soundscapes. (like you might hear in some of those survival horror FPS type games)

Also, vocoders can be hella fun for creating odd or scary voices. ^_^

My only limiter is my muse and inspiration I think. Well, that, and I'm notoriously lazy >_<

But yeah, the area about creating different sounds, effects, soundscapes, is a big area of audio production known as "sound design" It's a pretty big area in stuff like movies and video games at least. And a lot of neat sounds (menu selection, blits, bullets, etc.) can be created via subtractive synthesis instruments. (which is something I've been playing around with on the sidelines lately)

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