numark stereo io recording too low, need help

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I bought the io to record vinyl to my mac's itunes.I'm recording from mixer/turntable. Recording level is visible and adjustable with mixer.
When played back on itunes the music is barely audible and you can see the playback level is very low, even though it was recorded higher. The trouble shooting guide suggests turning up the gain level, however this device doesnt have one. I tried recording with master/turntable/trim volumes at different levels but that didnt do anything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 09, 2011 08:02 pm

yeah man, you might be need some kinda pre amp before you go into iTunes.

Do you have software, like cubase or garage band?

Maybe the best way might be to record your tracks onto garage band, and get the level you want there in any number of ways, then bounce/export it, and throw it on iTUnes.

The problem with your record player is it wouldnt have much power by itself at all in the way of a preamp, so you could either hook up to one of those and go into itunes or do it the way i mentioned.

which makes me ask, how are you going into itunes with a record player???

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Jul 10, 2011 05:29 pm

the record player goes to dj mixer, mixer to 'numark stereo io'(its a little interface box the size of a deck of cards)via rca, io to mac via usb.

the io comes with a cd you download called audio converter, you record with that then it imports direct to itunes, there i can turn it into mp3. It wont import to anywhere except itunes. I dont want to use garage band or audacity.

preamps boost signal to get strong recording levels? I have strong recording levels but very low volume when i playback on itunes. my dj mixer does not have a preamp.

numark suggests turning up 'gain level' on usb devices when this happens, my device doesnt have one. is 'gain level' and preamp kind of the same thing?
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Jul 10, 2011 09:14 pm

Check your signal chain make sure there is no reason for it to go down in vol after the faders.

somewhere in the hin yer losing the vol. check the cd proggie also. i would sy there's soemthing yer missing somewhere thats doing it.

where are you seeing your level youre talking about? if its good there, then youre losing it after that obviously so do check there make see if you cn figure out why it going down.

I cant say i have much of a clue, not seeing it.
The suggestion to garage band was soley to test the track youve done, see if its ok in there. Or even try just putting the track onto your mac in "music" straight from your gear and import into itunes that way.

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