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Sam Spike
Member Since: May 23, 2011

Is anybody in this forum interested in circuit bending?

I circuit bent a Casio SA-8. This is little more than a toy keyboard - no jack out, no MIDI, basic keyboard, lofi limited sounds.

Here is my circuit bent version:

The additoonal items on the black panel are the stuff I added:

Top Row: Jack out, Volume Knob, Reset button, Internal Speaker on/off, Power Led, 6V power in

Second Row: Feedback Knob, Feedback Amount, 5th (on/off/on), Distortion, Distortion Knob, Glitch, Glitch Knob

Third Row: Cowbell (extra sound), Extra demo 1, Extra Demo 2, Extra Demo 3 (currently incorrectly wired?)

Fourth Row: Hidden sound buttons (allows 100 sounds in conjunction with pre-existing blue buttons - instead of just 25)

I am using this keyboard on my next track - Vive la Difference

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Since: Aug 17, 2004

May 24, 2011 08:08 am

Hey, thats really cool!

How much did the project cost, if you don't mind me asking. My friends B-day is coming and he'd die for something like this.

Post your track! Keen to hear it.

Sam Spike
Since: May 23, 2011

May 24, 2011 10:32 am

Cost, let's see

The SA-8 I paid about 12 pounds or something like that on ebay including postage. I paid too much - I usually get keyboards for less than 5, sometimes even 1 or 2 pounds, at car boot sales or charity shops... but I wanted an SA-8 in particular.

The wood I already had, except I needed to buy a sheet of hardboard for the base (most of which I still have unused). Black paint is car touch up sprays from car boot sale, 1 or 2 pounds I think for a couple of cans.

I did buy some project wire, but recently I found a massive reel of 4 wire ethernet cable, that I'm now using instead. I had to buy knobs and buttons, resistors, pots and jack sockets. It's difficult to price them individual because most of them I got in packets of multiple. I probably spent 40 or 50 quid on parts, but I have 80%-90% of the parts left to use on other projects - more than I need. Plus I bought a battery compartment, and hinges (I bought the wrong ones, darn - I need to fix this). So I'm guessing another 15-20 quid

So total price of the whole components including keyboard cost me at most 40 pounds. In american X 1.5 for dollars, more or less. Lot of labour though - that's the killer...

I will post the track shortly. I've been redoing the vocals today - much better now. Need to mix and then I'll post it.

Sam Spike
Since: May 23, 2011

May 25, 2011 07:38 am

My song using this gadget is now out.

The Casio SA-8 is used in the intro, for a brief moment after the first chorus, and in the bridge/solo section after the 2nd verse. The bent sounds used are the feedback, the "sampled percussion" hidden sound patch with distortion (which doesn't sound like any percussion I've ever heard before), and, of course, cowbell (normally a hidden sound on the SA-8).

I will warn you before listening, it contains some swearing, so please don't listen if offended by this.

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