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Hi all,

my first post,hopefully you knowledgable guys may be able to point me in the right direction..!
I have just recently purchased a Behringer UCA222 for mulitrack recording home music projects.
I've connected it as follows:-

Guitar plugged into my old Fostex FD4 Mixer.
RCA stereo L&R out from my FD4 mixer into L&R inputs on the UCA222.
RCA outputs on UCA222 into 2 hi-fi speakers.
UCA222 USB plugged into my Laptop computer.
I am using AUDACITY software to record.
When i play & record my guitar, I can hear what i am playing either through the earphones on the output on the UCA222 or through the hi-fi speakers, & it records ok.
The trouble is, when i playback what i have recorded in Audacity, I cannot hear it through my Hi-fi speakers. The only way i can hear it, is through the headphone output on the Laptop PC.
I went into the preference settings in Audacity & changed the Record source to "USB Codec" (i.e USB Codec = UCA222)
I also changed the "Playback" source to the same "USB Codec".
My expectation was that i should hear what i recorded in audacity, through my hi-fi speakers..?
Am i doing something wrong.?
Also, the thought has just dawned on me, when i go to multitrack (i.e. i go to record a vocal track to accompany the guitar track i have already recorded) how will i be able to hear the guitar track whilst recording the vocals.?
This will be very important, as i will need to keep the vocals in time with the guitar.
Any help on these issues would be much appreciated.


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Mar 31, 2011 03:58 pm

I had a similar issue with Audacity. I had to set it so that I could not hear what I was recording as I was recording it. But I could hear it on play back. Then I was told to goto radioshack, get a splitter, bypassing the audacity so I could hear as I recorded. I quit using it. Other than that 1 prob, it is a great DAW. There is another free one called Krystal. I liked it better. Good luck sir.

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