muting stacked lanes (cubase 5)

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what is happening is this. when I have, say 5 takes for guitar, (so 5 lanes on one track). when I use the mute tool to mute the bottom lane. It mutes that lane only. What's suposed to happen is, when I mute the bottom lane the lane just above the bottom lane is suposed to turn green, then I am suposed to hear that lane instead of the bottom one.
If I keep the bottom lane muted & mute the lane on top of the bottom one, then the next lane should turn green & I should be able to hear that lane, and so on for all 5 lanes. And that's not happening.
When I mute the bottom lane, the next lane does not turn green where I can hear it.
This just started happening a couple days ago.

shur would 'preciate some help.
thanks heap
old picker

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