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So after mulling about, and doing some fairly extensive research, I went ahead and ordered the Carvin AG100D Series III combo unit. Now, I did have some reservations with some reviews on the reliability of the unit. but that seemed to be an issue with older (pre-2001) units. It seems the Series III revision and tweaks afterwords took care of most if not all the problems.

Now I do have an acoustic guitar (which I still need to learn to play, *cough*) so the amp will be nice for that as well.

I wasn't thrilled about the forest green color, but they had options, so I went with the Navy Bronco Cabinet Covering for an extra $18. I have heard very good things about the sound quality, and it seems to be closer to like a mini-PA almost in frequency range, which will be a good thing for my keyboards and other stuff.

It's a 100W amp with a 12" speaker, horn tweeter and rear L-pad. The unit has 3 channels: Acoustic, Bass, and Mic/Keyboard w/ phantom power for condenser mics. Each unit has its own adjustments, and there's also a 5-band EQ. There are built-in effects (reverb, chorus, flanger, etc.), and it seems the newer revision also allows for a different effect on different channels, from what I read at least.

Here's the full spec-list: Just right for me!

- Power amp: 100 watts at 8 ohmsó THD less than .03% @ 90% output
- Freq. Response: 20 - 20 kHz
- Speaker components: heavy duty 300 watt PS12 with horn tweeter and rear L-pad
- Tuned bass reflex enclosure response: 48 Hz to 16 kHz designed for bass guitar
- 3 Channels for acoustic guitar, bass and PA
- Channel 1 for acoustic/electric guitar with Bass, Mid-Sweep, Treble, Effects controls & Acoustic/Electric EQ switch
- Channel 2 for instr. or tape with Bass, Treble & Effects control
- Channel 3 with XLR & 1/4" inputs for Mic & instr. with Bass, Treble & Effects controls
- Phantom power on Channel 3 for use with condenser mics
- Effects Loop (send & receive jacks)
- DUAL Digital Effects Selectors and Parameters
- Master Level control
- Master 5 Band Graphic EQ @ 100, 250, 800, 6k & 12 kHz
- Built-in insert for speaker stand
- Forest Green covering
- 90-260VAC 50-60Hz
- Dimensions: 17" wide x 12" deep x 22" high
- Weight: 35 lbs
- Made in San Diego, California

Truly is a lot of amp for the price. I've read people comparing it to SWR California Blonde and being very similar. Can't wait to break it in! Who knows, maybe I'll start gigging around friends and family, maybe haul it to the webgeeks Wednesday shindigs.

Total cost after the color optional and the shipping: just shy of $500.

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Prince CZAR-ming
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Oct 15, 2010 04:56 pm

Very nice. I keep looking towards Carvin for stuff. They're made in USA, and people that have them seem to like them.

I almost bought a stereo carvin electric back in the day. Blond maple, or similar, with 2 jacks at the bottom. I wish I would have, because I bought a crappy cheap epiphone instead, which I sold shortly after.

Anyhoo, congrats on the purchase. At least some of us are relieving our GAS.

Linky-doo -> www.carvinguitars.com/pro...?product=AG100D

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Oct 15, 2010 07:54 pm

I really like the Carvin V3, looking forward to hearing what sorts of tones you can muster with that amp!

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Oct 29, 2010 03:10 pm


Woot, Amp delivered. Sounding good so far. Yes this will definitely do nicely.....I may connect it up at some point as a make-shift sub as well. xD

I could feel this thing pumping even at...well...not even moderate volume. (course it's a small room) Plenty plenty loud for my purposes. Definitely crisp clear highs, and the bass and sub-bass is no slouch either. The mids are fairly detailed. My ears tend to be a bit more sensitive to the mid ranges, so too much and they can sound kinda harsh to me.

But yeah, definitely a good unit, very sturdy....and I'm glad I went with the blue instead of the green. (besides, blue's my fav color)

It looks like there are 2 effects channels with level adjustments, and parameter knobs, and each of the 3 input channels can either use effects 1 or 2. But even being able to use a different effect on 2 different channels is a nice thing to have on a sub-$500 amp. I'll use one keyboard on the keyboard/tape/CD input, and the other on the bass input.

Plenty adjustable, and good sound....also a very sturdy feeling unit for sure.

Edit: Also added some pics of it over at www.bytemixsound.net I have a new table for my keyboard tier as well. Got it on clearance at target, and it's pretty sturdy too. Cost all of like...$25 I think haha!

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