Cubase SX3 & Oxygen 49 Snap Problems

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Hello guys, im new to this forum, it seems like the place i need to be to hopefully get this problem solved :)

Anyhow, i just last week bought the new Maudio Oxygen 49 Midi Keyboard Controller... Hoping to make recording easier... But it hasnt because the snap doesnt seem to be doing its job... For example, when iv got Ezdrummer all set up and ready to go, tempo set, snap on and hit record and its all over the shop as a pose to snapping to the bar/beat?!?!?

I dont know what the problem could be so hopefully some 1 here will?!?!?

I feel im back to square one, i bought this to lay down drum tracks quicker than the manual way, i downloaded the latest drivers and did eveything correct... so im thinking its a cubase problem?!?!?

Thanks in advance
L3on... Oh and by the way, im not the greatest with cubase so an idiot proof reply would be great lol


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May 03, 2010 01:03 pm

Are you auto quantize them? I prefer not to, i quantize after its recorded, it seems easier then to "see" what beat i was playing, because more likely than not, i'm wayyy off time.

One thing that could be user-error with cubase, make sure you have the snap/quantize set to the correct note duration. As in, if you're playing a hip-hop sort of "uneven" high hat with a lot of 16th notes, make sure you set that to "1/16" and not "1/4." I can't remember exactly what the menus/ buttons are named, i'm on my laptop at the moment. But look around in the midi key window (with the drum map and such on it), you'll figure it out.

One other thing, triplets and time signatures sometimes blow. I find myself often writing something (piano or a beat) with a triplet feel to it, and incorrectly figuring the tempo or time signature as 3/4 or just somehow messing up on something that i'm doing. The best thing to do is just record without a metronome, play back, and count it. Then its a little easier to understand what you're counting wrong.

Last thing, very likely the quantize/ snap feature is going to be quite off at some parts. well. most parts for me :P mostly due to your keyboard chops and sense of time. Record in small segments to get a basic beat down. Then figure out things such as fills. but playing the main beat only once or twice will lessen the chance of you getting behind while playing. Chances are whats happening here is you have auto quantize enabled, and then you're playing slightly off time, which you barely notice. But when the computer see's the note closer to the beat before the note you intended, its going to pull the note BACK and be further off time, so it sounds jumbled.

Since: Sep 30, 2009

May 03, 2010 01:03 pm

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May 04, 2010 04:16 pm

Thanks for the reply, ill see what i can do... but the problem is that the little red squares aint snapping to a bar/beat at all weather im playing them a fraction out or purposly out of time...

I only bought/set it all up last week so its understandable for me not to be used to it all yet, but surly this should work by the click of the actual snap button!?!?!?

Like i say ill mess around with it a tad more and pop back in a few days... but reali thanks for your input

L3on \m/

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