please help me decipher these chord progresions

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hello, as you prob know if you've listened to any of my work i'm a pretty amatuer punk / psychobilly kinda of guy

i'm trying to work on my ear and while i'm getting better i'm still not able to figure out a lot of things, some times i can get chords but have trouble with the arangement, since when i play along i can play wrong chords that are in the same key and have trouble hearing whats wrong.

this is the song i'm trying to figure out,

the main part i think is
a 12 bar blues in A m (sometimes theres a 4 bar preverse of A)
with the single pick notes(A is the root) being
A C D D#hammertoE
then that repeats but with the D palyed 2k kinda maybe a shuffle feel,

at the .36 sec mark in that vid the chorus starts,, it has the same 4 bar lead in of A then i think that it goes

We're the wrecking crew we do what we must do
you've blown away our lives , killed our lovers and our wives

but that part i'm not sure about.

at around 1:30 theres a chorus and i pretty sure its the same 12 bar but this time its just doing the chords one hit when the chords change, so A A D A E D A

the part i'm having the most trouble with is the ending. fight after teh verse with the chords it starts off with the same 12 bars with some lead over it, but when it gets to the E of the progresion he sings "we do just what we wanna do, get outa the way we're the wrecking crew"
and the chords seem to change up after that to a different patern when he is singin,, i think in between the singing its just the A but not sure what he's doin when the singing happens,, proba just the E and D again but i cant seem to get it to sound right.

also would you say this has a shuffle feel to it?

i would appreciate any help from thoese with better ears

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