please help with behringer 2442fx xeynx

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We just bought a Behringer 2442fx Xenyx. We use it for our 4 piece band. Drums,key,bass,guitar. We use 4 of the inputs for drums,1 for keys,1 for bass,2 for keys. We send them by direct outs to our main mixer at the church. We use the mixer to create each band members own mix using the 4 auxilaries and send it to a pre-amp headphone amp for our in ear monitors to go into this pre amp. Often this set up is great however, i would say about 50% of the time it doesnt work. The auxillaries shut off and none of us can hear anything. I mean literally today we were rehearsing and everything just cut out. we cant get it to come back on. but i can gurantee we will go into tomorrow and it will be fine again. The problem is not a faulty board either. We've exchanged the board 2x. the guys @ gc tested it there, it works fine for them, which it does for us also until all of a sudden our aux sends arent working. I also tried plugging directly into the aux sends 1,2,3,4 nothing comes out either. Please help, anything whatsoever will help. any tips? suggestions..?/ Please help!!! thanks!

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Feb 20, 2010 05:32 pm

Have you checked the cables? Might be some bad connection within the cable/cables, if so it will probably work good sometimes and sometimes it will never work. try different cables. if it doesn't solve the problem then I have no clue

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