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^youtube page with an example of what i'm looking for. Most obviously is on that first vocal that comes in, obviously there's a crapload of reverb on it (the tape delay in podfarm can do that sort of tone quite nicely) And there's a pretty obvious pitch shift going on (hmm... bender in podfarm would probably be the easiest tool at my disposal there)

But that break up thing, what options do i have there? They use a little bit of it on the drum samples too, and i've heard that technique on guitars as well before. I'm guessing i could splice the bounced waveform a lot and it'd do the same thing, but... no. I wouldn't do that well, it'd be time consuming, and difficult to test the speed i want to do it at.

Are there any VST's out there that will do this? Maybe even in cubase or a freebee? i remember seeing something called a chopper, is that what this is?

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Jan 14, 2010 05:34 pm

I'm not hearing it. Is there a specific mm:ss in the song I should be listening to? I hear lots of tight palm-muted electric guitar in there, like with closed-back cabinets. But I don't hear anything that chopper would do.

I've use Chopper from MDA, you can find them on kvraudio. I got a big package of MDA stuff and chopper was in there. It introduces a little noise when I use it, but that may be resource thing and not an artifact that's produced by the VST. With Chopper, you can sync it to the tempo of the song and select quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes, etc. Here's an example on an unfinished project (during the verses, on one of the 2 guitars):
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Jan 14, 2010 06:35 pm

sounds like there could be a reverse gate in there (not certain) but if you take your vocal bit, and use the loop function in cubase, slowly bring the left/right locaters togehter, you'll start to squash or limit the amount of that vox bit being played.

you'll start to hear that sparatic chop youre looking for.
keep in mind you'll have to get it pretty small. then you just take the bit you want, duplicate them for allocated times/length you need.

Im not real sure there's a reverse gate there but it could sound good anyway.

it'll take a bit of work to get it to flow thru a word.(many cuts and pastes.

you'd think there'd be a plug that would just do it for ya. i guess there is one out there somewhere.

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Jan 14, 2010 06:58 pm

Hmm thats a chopper there? Ya not what i'm looking for. Thats closer to what i'd call tremelo (I'm sure there's a world of difference, just like a flanger and a chorus do have similarities but there's rarely a point that i'd have difficulty deciding which is which)

I'm actually talking about the vocal track, most prominently at 0:10. There's similar outcomes on the electronic drum samples or atmosphere in the intro as well, but my big question here is on those vocals and just a technique to get them to "break up" like that, in a way thatd be efficiant towards my workflow.

And thanks deon! I might try that if i got desperate, it'd probably work better than my splicing up the waveform idea. But yeah i'd really like a program like in a stepper format or dials would work too i suppose. Idk, i can't even begin to think how someone would go about doing this.

Any keywords you guys can think of to search? I'm runnin dry here. Chopper was the best word i could think of lol, and i suppose thats not it.

Tonight i think I'll muck around in cubase and see if any of those effects i never really use do something useful. In my experience so far the stock effects in cubase are shotty at best, usually KVR has something better. But at least it'd help me look!

PS, i'm in absolutely no hurry. I haven't written something yet that i can use that trick in, but i was listening to this song this morning and figured it'd be nice to have the know-how to do this some day when i want it
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Jan 14, 2010 07:53 pm

we did it for in a demo back in 2000 and we did it the way i mentioned.

other than that youll have to find a plugin or something.

it doesnt take too long though. just find(example) the word say, "doesnt".

loop the word

drag in the left right locaters to the start of the word till it sounds roughly where you want it then duplicat that area say, 10 times, then move onto the next part of the word and do the same but with maybe 20 dups and so on.

then you got some thing to work by.

the slower you want the stutter timing wise the bigger you make the snipet.

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Jan 14, 2010 10:39 pm

It probably is a chopper, i've been seeing a few posts here on HRC for ppl looking for these types of effects and I suggest everyone pick up a glitch plugin, I forget wat its called but there is a very famous free glitch vst... blue gltich? anyhow yeah, it has choppers and repeaters and modulators and things and u can them all together and get all kinds of craziness, but yes this one sounds like a chopper.

Easy way to do it without manually cutting, maybe stretch out the vowel u want (in this song the AAAA) and real-time automate ur mute. Its kidn of like how djs do when they scratch u know, just rythmically play with ur volume or mute, that might save some time from having to cut and paste and experiment.

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Jan 14, 2010 10:59 pm

Kay thanks guys! I've got options now, choices to decide from what will sound best. Ou ya i forgot to download glitch, that thing seemed to have a lot of potential (had it before my hardrive crashed bad and had to be formatted)

Deon, could you clarify one more thing? that helped a lot, now i understand what you're saying. but what exactly does the "reverse gate" do after you do all the manual chopping? What is a reverse gate in the first place?
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Jan 15, 2010 01:22 am

mmm, i wouldnt have a clue how to actually explain it to be honest.
maybe have a look using google.
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Jan 15, 2010 01:27 am

here's an example for you to try.

duplicate the snare audio file, revers it, apply reverb then revers it again...

Reverse gate. makes it sound like its fading in to the sound, in reverse.
so like a sshhhhh wwwwaaappp (in reverse)then the snare hits.

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