Bass Trap options - caddy corner vs. stacked triangles

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I did a search on this site but did not find a similar post, but feel free to point me in the right direction if I am mistaken.

I am planning to make my own bass traps this weekend using Roxul AFB -
I found a local busilding supply company that is almost half as cheap as the lowest price on the internet when you take into account shipping. I am getting the 2'x4'x3" (Sorry MM - I know you said 4" but it at least provides more than your reccomended 4#/ft. Not to mention the cost difference is significant and maybe my question/method described below will elimate the need for 4" thickness for basstraps.)

I am also planning on using the AFB to make 2'X4'x3" accoustic panels to treat the walls unless I hear different. However, my main question is this:

When making the corner bass traps - would you reccomend:
Stacking two 2'X4' accoustic panels caddy corner floor to ceiling or as close to floor to ceiling as possible?

Or - would you cut 1'x1' square pieces, cut these in half so you are left with 45 degree equalateral triangles, and then stack these triangles from floor to ceiling? When you do the math, this equals about the same amount of material needed if you were to do the more traditional caddy corner method.

My friend did the latter with the triangles and swears by this approach. He bought a bulk of speaker fabric from a local fabric store and some wood trim to pretty them up and says they work great. I am going to see for myself this weekend but thought I would get your thoughts ahead of time.


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Music Afficionado
Since: Aug 12, 2008

Nov 18, 2009 04:57 pm

Ironically enough in my search I found this thread - www.homerecordingconnecti...17237&frm=1

Look who started the post over a year ago - that would be the same idiot that still hasnt treated his room properly.

MM - looks as though the triangle stacking method I described is the poormans Tri-trap so maybe my firend is spot on?

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Nov 18, 2009 05:16 pm

No doubt, the 'tr-trap' (I have GIK 244's against the corners here with Tr-Traps right up against them). But your measurement would be *2* feet if you cut them into 3 equilateral triangles. 1' square isn't going to cover enough space. You could fill the corner with 1' square triangles *and* put 2'x4' panels in front of it... I had a setup similar to that before and it worked fairly well.

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