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Hello, I am going to be recording my friends band and i was wondering if i could get some feedback on my ideas for going about doing this. I have never "officially" recorded a band(though this wont be too official either, just a (hopefully)good sounding demo). I have a PC with 256 RAM, lots of hard drive space, an echo mia sound card,a behringer 2004a mixer, good monitoring headphones, and Cubase SX. I was thinking of recording drums and bass at the same time, then going back and having them record the guitars seperatly over that track(2 guitars, one at a time), then recording vocals seperatly last.This seems to me to be the best solution as then i can go back and add a little reverb to the drums(is this right?)and get all the levels sounding right. any tips on technique?

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Mar 31, 2003 06:28 pm

Everyone has their own preferred process and yours is on par. Personally, I wouldn't even bother tracking the bass along with the drums. I like to get the drums all dialed in first and then build on top of that. The order in which things get laid down after that varies for me from song to song.

It sounds like to have what you need to get it going and you have the right idea about your process. All there is left to do is just jump in.

Keep coming back and fire away at us with questions as you progress. We're all more than happy to help. And we'll be looking forward to hearing the results of your efforts.

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