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i am having trouble getting my axiom 61 to work with Redrum in Reason 4.0. The problem i am having is getting the pressure pads to work correctly.

When i first open redrum, all of the sounds in redrum are triigered by random keys....three of the sounds are from the pressure pads and the rest from some of the keyboard keys. So my next step is to manually assign the presure pads to trigger the desired sounds.

The problem is, as soon as i manually assign the pads, midi data is no longer transmitted from those pads. I can still hear sound when i hit the pad, but the data is just not recording.

I also noticed that when i assign the pad, that pad ends up being a fixed velocity pad and is no longer pressure sensitive.

im pretty sure this is a setting within the axiom that i need to figure out.

I read through the whole axiom manual a few times and it is so vague that i want to toss it in my fireplace. Ideally, i would like to find a way to set up a preset on my axiom to work with redrum so i dont have to reset the pads etc everytime i open a project....would this be called a Program or a bank??? again the manual does a crappy job of explaining all of this.

I email m-audio support and have been waiting for over a week now with no response...

Can anyone help?


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Apr 03, 2009 11:03 pm

I know I am having the same feeling about the Axiom here as well. Its not my main controller so I am not that offed by it though. But I as well need to dive deeper into the manual to get it straight as well.

It is in there on how to set up a custom program with the pads doing velocity and all. I myself just have not gotten that far yet.

I thought I had seen something in a google search on a site that had a reason template for it. I don't recall at the moment where it was though.

If I find it or get a chance to look at it more I'll let you know.

Since: Jan 24, 2007

Apr 03, 2009 11:12 pm

If you figure any of it out please let me know....

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