Problem recording with new soundcard

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I just recently put in my friends "Creative Audigy 2 zs" soundcard.

I go to cool edit and adobe audition 3 to try to record, but come up short. For some reason it won't record correctly. I would try to record but it would only record left side. If i mess around with the input and plug it in another hole, it wouldnt record at all. I messed around with the settings but nothing happens. Can anyone tell me what to do please!

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Czar of Midi
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Mar 31, 2009 10:02 pm

Go here. And download the latest driver package for the card for your OS.

Then on that page somewhere is the manual in .pdf format. Download that and check it out. It will tell you which connection to hook up to for recording.

I will state this up front. That is not a card that is meant for multitrack recording. It will run in full duplex mode I do believe. That will allow playback and recording at the same time. But it will require the current drivers.

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