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any mixing advice???
i know ita not great but all i had was a shure sm58,random mic for bass drum, behringer xenxyx 802 and audacity...

i think its "ok"

guitars are poor though

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Since: Dec 31, 2008

Jan 03, 2009 08:56 pm

its on my profile btw

Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Jan 03, 2009 10:50 pm

Had a quick listen, I'll get back to this tomorrow.

One question though. I am assuming those are real drums? How were they micced if I may ask?

Since: Dec 31, 2008

Jan 03, 2009 10:55 pm

i put the sm58 over head above the middle of the kit and put the other mic in the bass to capture its punch. My computer speakers dont sound the bass drum at all though.

thanks for listening

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