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First of all, this question is somewhat related to this topic previously posted: www.dbmasters.net/hrc/for...d=1438&frm5
I already determined before checking this that it was the sound card settings in the control panel- what is really throwing me here is that when I boot up Nuendo, and make adjustments on the sliders in the program, then get out of that and go look in the control panel at the settings that I maximized before doing anything, the levels in the control panel playback and recording volumes have both changed according to what I did in Nuendo.
I am using a Layla sound card, a Eurorack MX 2642A, and a P4 1400MhZ 512 Mb ram setup. I really tried to find the answer.... I guess the compacted question is, is there some way to keep the action in the software and the computer settings from affecting each other?

I have found a way to get around this temporarily, but what if we record the perfect cut someday and I totally forgot to do what I have to do to keep this garbage from happening....
By the way, I see a lot of new faces here, plus some old dogs, but this forum got me started. I didn't even know what a compressor did when we were getting ready to set this up. I rely on the hubby to explain a lot of that. He's the producer around here....
Here's a link with him on bass in the song, if you're interested-
I did not record this one, but it'll give you an idea of our area of interests!!
Thanks as always..... I will check back tomorrow to see if someone had a suggestion or a supplemental question to try to help figger it all out....

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Czar of Midi
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Mar 09, 2003 10:37 pm

I have never heard of a DAW taking over control of the sound cards controls. Is it only messing iwth the input levels of the Layla? And also, does it seem to do it intandem, like if you move channel 1 slider in Nuendo, does it just move input channel 1 on the Layla control panel and so on? Or is it random? Also, have you tired closing the Laylas control panel before running Nuendos controls? I know I can run Sonar and leave my Deltas control panel open and not have any effect like that. I am wondering if there is an otption somewhere in Nuendo to either turn on or off the control of the Laylas panel.

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Mar 11, 2003 12:53 pm

I read this thread at least 4 times in the last few days and it still makes no sense, I have never seen an application take control of the Windows volume controls...at least not one as pro-level as Nuendo. I used Nuendo for a while. The GUI is nice and userfriendly, the performance is great, but personally, the sound card preferences and application prefences and control panel I didn't really like, very difficult to understand. However, when I messed around with volumes it never affected my system volume so I can't say as though I could reproduce the problem. I would talk to Steinberg and/or EchoAudio, there may be some funky bug in the software or hardware under a given situation that this happens.

By the way, good to see you back around, sorry it took so long for a response to get back to you, that's pretty rare.

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Mar 16, 2003 01:43 pm

i've seen programs take control of my soundblaster's volume control.... can't remember which program it was.. if i think of it i'll post back. -j

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Mar 17, 2003 10:58 am

First of all, Nuendo is not the only program affecting the sound card. Windows Media Player's volume slider moves my sound card control panel outputs, too. This computer doubles as a gaming hotseat (stock car driving...) and the Nascar game also affects the output levels. If I move the sliders in the recording software, that does change the volume settings in the control panel for input AND output. I have tried recording with and without the echo console running. I am not sure about options in Nuendo about turning off control panels- I will start investigating that as a possible solution.
This does NOT seem to be random. I have been watching the control panels and the input levels seem to be all the same, and since all output goes through channels one and two right now, 1 and 2 are the only ones that seems to change constantly.
I am sorry.... this whole thing is just so irritatingly NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN...
I love the performance in Nuendo, too. Maybe the control panels really are just over my head. I inherited an older copy of Sonar (I think a newer version has come out since then) and perhaps I oughtta give it a look. As for contacting the hardware support people, I think that is an EXCELLENT idea. I feel so defeated by this. (I'm continually checking the distance from the computer to the window...)
What I have done to troubleshoot recently is yanking out the snake that goes to the Layla, and run through all the mikes and instruments one at a time to make sure the levels are healthy on the mixer and sounding crisp and clean through PA. Then when I plug everything back in, I have gone to the console to try to make sure the levels are the same in there as they are on the mixer. But for crying out loud, I shouldn't have to do this before every session.
I have started recording band rehearsals, and that is when I discovered this problem. Another thing I have done to troubleshoot is converting a cda to wav and copying it into Nuendo, then comparing the sound (pro track vs. my track).
Jamie Garrett, I was glad to read your post, because it confirms that perhaps I don't have to call the wagon with the whitecoats and wee-stwaints.
dB, Thanks for welcoming me back....I really haven't been gone! I still read threads, especially when I am just feeling like a dummy, and so far this forum has answered questions that needed answering. What originally happened is my hubby and I put together the studio, some equip per your recommendations, then we put together the band. It just happened. Boink, Boink, Boink. I have learned more about playing in the past year than I have learned my whole life, and the recording thing has been a slow, my-pace educational and recreational journey that I hope never ends. And I know threads usually get filled up pretty quickly- I figure everyone that mighta read the post in the first place might have been as perplexed as me, or even busier than I am!
You folks wanna hear a rehearsal cut? Here's a low-space mp3. I wrote the third verse, and the verse that we cut OUT has been rewritten and not recorded yet. I play piano, and I ask that you not take this too seriously. It was probably our fourth time through, just trying to begin the dynamics bit. We haven't even started in serious recording, so I know there are lots of flaws. JUST A REHEARSAL. But hey, you all know how it is....

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Mar 17, 2003 12:40 pm

By the way, if the levels are grossly awful, I NEED TO KNOW. I have NOT heard this stuff on another system besides the tinker toy I have next to my piano. From now on I will post the music in the music site. I know I should have anyway.

Czar of Midi
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Mar 17, 2003 10:09 pm

I am wondering if this is a driver issue with the Layla. Have yo gone to the ECHO website and checked for updated drivers for the sound card? I know in some instances, I have had to uninstall the drivers, and reinstall them after installing certain recording software. I say this because if it is affecting not only Nuendo but the windows media player as well, it might be related to the way windows is talking to the audio drivers for the Layla.

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Mar 19, 2003 06:55 pm

I have not checked for updated drivers for a LONG LONG TIME. I have a friend who's made the grammys thankyou list over here, too, and we are talking about just tearing up the current configuaration and "remapping" the output.

He is so far over my head that I learn new vocabulary words in these lessons. I will let you know how it goes.... in the meantime, any other ideas are welcome.....

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