UCA200 and Nuendo 3.. Help please!

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I am trying to hook up my 1204FX to my computer thru UCA200. I use Nuendo 3.0. I am not using any professional monitors for my Home studio set up.

I tried the set up using help from www.free-instrumentals.com/behringeruca200.html

I would want to get the input from UCA200 and output thru the the sound card that I have in my comp (Creative live). Neundo does not let me set up (Device setup - VST settings) to have two sound cards.I know I sound dumb...

Nuendo is not recording any sound input either. (I set the in-channel to Benringer MIC VST).. And Output channel I do not have the option to connect to the Creative sound card.

Is there a work around for this???

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Prince CZAR-ming
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May 03, 2008 03:02 pm

hey Karthik, welcome to HRC.

Doesn't seem like too many people are well versed in Nuendo. I know I'm not.

If N doesn't let you set differnet ins and outs, then you may be stuck.

Here's another thread, where the results were lukewarm, or cold:


Seems to be quite the difference, using nuendo with a UCA200. If'n it were me, I'd suggest either 1) another interface, or 2) another program. But, another program may not let you use differnet interfaces.

Hmm, just thought of something. ASIO only lets you use 1 device at a time. maybe switching to WDM drivers in Nuendo will let you choose different input / output devices.

oop, i'm assuming windows. mac would be different, i'd assume. no help from me on that front.

Since: May 02, 2008

May 03, 2008 11:10 pm

Thanks PJK.. Just found out that by trial and error Neundo 3 does not support multiple Audio Drivers at a given instance.. At least, mine does not ;-)!

I switched to ABLETON LIVE.. works fantastic! For UCA200-LIVE help seekers : Just walk through the help menu of Ableton LIVE... you should be able to configure the settings.. Need to take care of latency though!

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