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hello every1, i recently bought a yamaha dtexplorer electronic drum kit, and im using it with a Edirol USD midi interface as a control surface for reason. I use a multimix 16 firewire as my sound card and after trying all i can think of im still getting a bit of latency. Im thinking i need a better midi interface, possibly a firewire one? and if so would that work being plugged into the second firewire port on the back of the mixer?
any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Since: Apr 03, 2002

May 01, 2008 07:55 am

This may sound like a silly answer, but on a previous USB MIDI controller I had there was a latency difference if it was being powered by the USB or plugged straight into the wall...plugging it in to the wall whipped it right into shape, powered off the USB port would goof it up...

Just food for thought.

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May 03, 2008 10:43 pm

Also take a look at your buffer settings for the multimix. You want to have them around 256 or better 128 to get pretty low latency. Also take a look into what driver it is using. Make sure it is the ASIO driver as that will help the latency a great deal.

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