Smoking banned in Kansas City

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Well the vote passed yesterday. I actually voted in my first non-presidential election yesterday to try to vote down the smoking ban.

I'm not against the ban entirely. I support its major arguments, with the health of waitresses and bartenders at stake. I even agree with not being able to smoke in most public areas.

My rub with this ban is on 2 major points that just amaze me that people anywhere agree with:

- it bans smoking in ALL public areas, including TOBACCO SHOPS. A place where smokers go to buy smokes. Kids and non-smokers don't frequent our smoke shops. So my neighborhood cigar lounge is basically shut down due to this blanket law.

- it allows smoking at the casinos and in the Truman Sports Complex (where the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs play). What the hell? What kind of double standard is that? I can't smoke at a place where smokers gather and purchase tobacco, but some dipshit can sit next to a family at the ball game and puff away? And the retirees can still chain smoke next to me at the slot machines?

I'm not against banning smoking in restaraunts, maybe bars, workplaces, etc. But come on we needed some common sense worked into this bill but everybody just saw "smoking ban" and jumped on the bandwagon.

Actually, "everybody" is a stretch because is only passed 52-48.

Oh well, we'll find workarounds and loopholes and we'll be smoking cigars again before the end of the year.

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Apr 09, 2008 12:27 pm

Looks like your cigar shop didn't have enough money to get grandfathered into this legislation like the casino and ballpark did.

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