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I have an Electribe ES-1 MKII, the 2nd generation of the electribe family.

I want to achieve the same kind of results as the group Enter Shikari does with their synthline.

He has a MicroKorg running into his ES-1 (this was back in 2004, mind), and while synth is playing (controlled by his ES-1), he is running around on stage, only returning to the ES-1 when changing the pattern (E.G. Verse to Chorus)

I have tried to do this by the following methods and failed for the following reasons:

1. I've tried sampling in a part (E.G. A chorus to a song) and using time slice, sliced the part. My only issue is after every step, there's a very noticeable chop sound, making very legato parts sound irritatingly choppy. Also, there's the issue of imperfect tempo. I'll be using this live, and I don't want my drummer to have to adjust the whole band to the electribe trying to process my .4 BPM too slow or fast keyboard playing. I do have the MIDI clock controlling the MicroKorg, but that only applies to the arpeggiator, which I do not need in many cases.

2. I've had better success (although still not what I want) by assigning the pitch of the note I want to play to a part, then arranging the parts (which now signal my MicroKorg to play that pitch) in the order and timing I want. This way, I can easily change the tempo and the parts will retain the same pitch and the same flexibility. The issue here is that it sends very short signals, and I need to figure out how to hold out note durations (so a note can hold while other notes play over it, without it sounding choppy). It's sending extremely staccato signals, making smooth sounding trance sequences sound terrible.

If anyone knows the best way to record song parts into the ES-1, allowing me to change tempo without the sound or length of the part being changed, please tell me. I'd very much appreciate it.

- Brandon

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Dec 10, 2007 09:32 pm

I am not really sure why it is doing that. The clock should only be controlling the tempo sync of the devices and should not effect how the slices are being played back. It almost sounds as though it is putting a slight pause between slices. I didn't have time to scan the manual yet, but you can download a manual here and maybe find something in there that can help you get straight.

I will see what I can dig up if there were any such glitches that it is known for. I know several DJ's that use that version as well as others of the Electribe and none of them have had any issues like this.

Since: Dec 10, 2007

Dec 11, 2007 12:09 am

Thanks for trying to help.
I semi-remedied the problem with the second method.
The only problem now is this:

I assign a pitch to each of the 9 parts, then using realtime recording, I play the part keys like piano keys, putting the correct notes in the right place.
I adjusted my microkorg's MIDI filter to where the Electribe cannot change the program on the MicroKorg as I scan through patterns on the ES-1, so that solved 1/3 of the problem. (Before, it would go to program B.88 if I went to B.64 on the ES-1, A.72 if I went to B.20, etc.) Then, I figured since it was sending triggers to the notes on the Microkorg, though only extremely brief ones, I'd remedy it by giving the MicroKorg program insane amounts of sustain. That almost fixed the issue, and it'd almost work fine for now until I upgrade to the EMX, but that's only 2/3 of the problem.
The assigned notes (In this case, a scale in D#minor) apply to EVERY SINGLE PATTERN on the electribe.
So, if I wanted to use this method to play our song in Fmaj, it wouldn't work.

I've almost given up, and I think as far as live, we'll either have to skimp out on the synth parts (which would be a tragedy, seeing as that's a huge part of our sound and we're delving deeper into it every day) or find a keyboard player to use my entire synthline (which, adding another human to the band when electronics will suffice is rarely a good thing) or just use my Reason 4.0 Extended to record the synth in a sterile sounding perfect 120 BPM gate so I can't possibly play an off timing note, then use each piece as a sliced different sample in the Electribe, though the slicing quality sucks.

I'll give the manual another go over - though all it seems to do is brag about the slicing quality, and offers no way to correct any issues - and read the manuals for the MicroKorg as well.
This is going to be a nightmare once I add my Radias to the line.

- Brandon,
The Navidson Record

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