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I have recently tried to set up a home studio and have my guitar/vox going through a Behringer Xenyx 1002FX Mixer, this in turn is then flitered into a F Control Audio FCA202 Firewire Interface wich hooks up to my laptop where I use Adobe Audition.

The weird thing is I can hear the instruments if I have my headphones in the mixer headphone port, but can only here through the firewire port when I am playing back recordings on audition, I cant hear when I am making the this correct, do I need to keep swapping the headphones from mixer to firewire?

Also, as I have disabled my laptops on board soundcard, I need to keep changing the settings and re-enabling it when I want to use the laptop for anything else other than recording music to allow me sound. Is there a way around this?

Hope this makes sense and thanks for your help! Im trying to figure out if it would make more sense in the future to buy a separate laptop for everyday use and just leave the current one set up as part of a recording studio only.


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Czar of Cheese
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May 01, 2007 08:43 am

Are the outputs from your FCA202 connected to anything? Do you have monitors, or just headphones?

You could probably connect the FCA202 back to the mixer (I'm not familiar with all of your mixer's connections) and then you could hear what's being recorded as well as what's playing back at the same time...through your mixer's headphone jack.

Just make sure that what's being played back is being routed differently than what is being recorded...otherwise the playback will go right back into the computer and get recorded along with the new stuff.

I hope you're not totally confused now! Maybe someone else will come along and clarify in plain English.

Good luck,


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