Recording real time FX's w/ cool edit pro

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Well thanks to all that replied to my previous thread. After much brainstorming i have found a way to record in CEP using effect modulator plugins, such as GuitarFX's. Hear is how i set mine up. (you will need 2 soundcards)

1) Instrument goes into the line-in of card 1

2) 1/4 cable runs from line-out of card 1 to Amp head(i use a 5w class a tube head to keep my vol from bothering others)

3)Mic the cabinet and run mic cord to UB802 mixer

4)from the mixer, run tape outs to the line-in of soundcard 2

5)then run line-out from soundcard 2 into sterio/monitor.

I use headphones on mixer to check levels befor the record.

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Since: Oct 12, 2006

Oct 13, 2006 03:32 pm

Thanks agin for those that responded to my first thread...this is a great great site/forums, it was luck that i found it but im glad i did.

hope the above helps those that wanted to do the same.
For those of you that dont have or want to mic a speaker cab..i think running a patch cable from soundcard 1 line out to sound card 2 line in may work. i dont have enough adapters at the moment to test it.

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