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hello, i own a laptop running windows, i bought a alesis usb8 mixer, and i can never get it to run right, all i need is basic recording, and i want something easy and effective. i was thinking about buying a mac with garageband, whats your opinions?

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Since: Apr 03, 2002

Aug 14, 2006 06:40 am

If you already have the Windows Laptop, why bother going to Mac, you may have the same problems with that...what isn't running right? What measures have you taken to fix it? What is you definition of "basic recording"? What software do you use for recording?

Prince CZAR-ming
Since: Apr 08, 2004

Aug 14, 2006 01:51 pm

I'd concur with dB here, let's see if we can get that box running before you go throwing down more $$$.

I think there's a few people on here running mac & GB, but I don't think it's the majority.

What ver of windows? what type of laptop? how old, processor? memory?

Are you using the laptop for internet? do you use internet explorer?

Virus problems? malware problems?

Since: Aug 13, 2006

Aug 15, 2006 02:46 pm

OK, i have windows xp, a toshiba laptop, new, 512 ddr2 ram, it is used for the internet, i scan for viruses, i have a alesis usb8 audio interface, an audix i5 recording mic. all im using for programs is cubase le which came with the audio interface and cakewalk from like 2002. I dont know if i need an audio card or if the audio interface acts as one. I always have trouble with echo and dropped signal. Its just frustrating because i have all this recording stuff and i can never get it to run right. Thanks for your help!

Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Aug 15, 2006 07:37 pm

Well it looks as though your laptop is good enough for the use. I would almost venture a guess that it is something to do with the drivers for the Alesis interface that are not working properly. One thing is you may want to go in and dissable any onboard soundcrad drivers you have. Then check in Cubase LE to see that you are actually using the Alesis drivers for recording and playback.

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