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Home Recording Connection (HRC) has been in existence in one form or another since 1998 when it was first known as Home Recording Central. It has, since then, continually reinvented itself many times over those years until it reached its current state that you are seeing now. The domain came to life in 2002.

HRC has a list of members thousands long and is a very lively and interactive community. Its growth in the last couple of years has been great and it continues to grow every day attracting new people from all over the world of all demographics that have one thing in common; they are musicians and engineers interested in recording.

Home recording studios are one of the hottest markets in the audio equipment industry right now, so hot, in fact, it has brought about the closing of some big-name studios due to people now doing it all themselves. This is a sector of people that have largely been ignored by the professional audio industry until recently. Many companies are now seeing it is a sector that is very large and very eager to do the best they can. Advertising on HRC is a great way to have your news and products seen by the audience you need to target if you manufacture or sell studio recording gear.

HRC uses Google AdSense, which can show your companies AdWords ads, InfoLinks In Text Ad System, and Text Link Ads for advertising systems, and we also will work with you individually as well, which ever your prefer. Ads in some high traffic places are managed by the OpenX advertising system, in which ad placements can also be purchased.

Get the Most for Your Advertising Dollar

In this rather unstable economy it is crucial to get the most you can for your money. To that end, HRC is committed to helping you reach that goal. Many companies prefer to work with advertising systems, such as Google AdWords, other companies are wanting to cut out those middlemen and work directly with web site owners. At HRC, we support many possiblities.

The ad systems allow you to run your ads across many web sites, which is good, but it also costs more as you are paying them and the publisher. Working directly with HRC (or any site) can cost you less, but it also requires managing a lot more relationships to run on many web sites.

The choice is yours. You can contact HRC's owner to discuss details of advertising on HRC.

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Available Services

Advertising - HRC has multiple options for advertising.

Google AdSense advertising system being the main system, in order to advertise in the AdSense spaces, you would need to join the Google AdWords program.

InfoLinks In Text Ad System is the system that advertisers can buy keywords to be highlighted in HRC articles and in the message forum. Purchasing these keywords must be done by joining the InfoLinks advertisers network.

OpenX Ad Network which works like AdSense, insofar as it's one place to buy ads in many places.

Lastly, we can work with your privately and work out advertising options as well. Contact the owner for details.

Product Review - HRC's experienced staff can evaluate and publicly review your product for additional publicity and an objective third party opinion.

The Visitor Always Comes First

HRC never spams it's visitors with emails or popup/popunder advertisements and will ban any advertisements containing any malicous spyware, malware or viruses that attempts to install itself on visitors computers. Visitors are the #1 priority of HRC and their safe and fun surfing of this web site can not be compromised for any reason or amount of revenue.

One of the best reasons to advertise on HRC is due to the limited number of ads we have. We have templated spaces for ads and do not create more ad space, if we don't have space, we don't make more space. This makes HRC a visitor friendly place, and makes for more productive advertising for the vendor. This is also one of the reasons that HRC is growing at the rate it is, because it's not overrun with ads, it's overrun with quality content and a vibrant, active community of helpful and knowledgeable people. The community is monitored and taken care of rather than just left to go to hell like so many communities on the internet do.