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About mizzfitt

Ive been building a home studio for about 2 years now, and Ive been writing song lyrics for about 13 years. When I finally decided to invest my money into what I love to do, all the problems started. I'm a MAC user and maybe thats my problem, but its what they use in the real industry and also what i learned on. Most of us who are over the age of 21 learned how to use a comp by Macintosh but cheaper prices come around and we all seem to forget what we were introduced to and trained to use in the first place. I love all forms of music but my main focus is hip-hop/rap, and i know what your thinking but its not that bling bling crap you hear on the radio, my business partner and I make conscious music that includes a message. Our first album is completed and was produced by J Primer at Vital Phaze recording studio. We are currently working on our second album which is now being produced under our own label right here at home.

My Studio

imac 27" quad core intel based comp (currently uses garageband)
MXL3000 condensor microphone
yamaha mw 10 channel usb compact mixer with compression & only 3 band EQ runs 48v phantom
DBX 266XL compressor
KORG N264 music workstation (keyboard, currently no midi interface my m-audio is no longer compatible with my new comp)

Contact Info

Email: mizzfittd2e@yahoo.com