Adam Mutschler - Abomb Muchbaby
Member Profile - 07/02/2009

About Adam Mutschler

23 Years old, listen to most music, lately I have enjoyed recording music more than playing it. Play pretty much everything in a typical rock band - guitar, bass guitar, drums, do a little singing, spoons, etc...

My Studio

2008 Fender Strat USA, Tobacco sunburst
Epiphone Acoustic Electric
Ibanez - decent electric
Ibanez - crappy electric
Fender 50th Anniversary USA Jazz bass
Fender Mexi P-bass
Vox AC30CC
Line-6 Spider 2x12
Krank Distortus Maximus Pedal (it's awesome... but not for recording)

Pearl Export 5 piece
Sabian AAX crashes
Paiste Hi Hats
Zildian Avedis Ride

Presonus Firepod
Cubase SX and Cubase LE
A few plugins

Shure Beta 57a
Audix Fusion 5 piece Drum Mic kit (decent I guess.... psh.)
A few other non-worthy-of-mentioning microphones

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