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Member Profile - 06/26/2009

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HR_UREHR is an artist that represents the future of hip-hop. He's a thriving force in the hip-hop industry and his fresh outlook is what the games been needing for quite a while. He started rhyming at the age of 8, then wrote and recorded his first song at the age of 10. HR always showed an interest in writing, which helped harness his skills to become a complete MC. When asked how has his approach of studying literature impacted his songwriting ability, he responded "it only increased my ability to tell a story in a unique way as well as challenge myself to become a better writer everyday." This isn't your typical MC by far. He genuinely loves and respects the principles of hip-hop which he believes is his reason for making quality music. "I will never compromise my artistry or my principles to make money, I truly love this game." Representing NYC by way of Baltimore, HR is something the game desperately needs in an era of "ring tone rap", as he calls it. "I feel like the essence of hip-hop has been abandoned due to a lack of knowledge and Corporate America's involvement." HR seperates his music from any one else's because his creativity and stories are unique in the sense that alot of his music is true. "My music deals with situations and the way I'm living my life at the time I write a song." He believes the people around him and what he has witnessed over the years is what makes him relatable or intriguing to the listener. Some of HR's influences are GOD, Jay-Z, Nas, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gay, Richard Wright and Langston Hughes. When asked where he gets his inspiration he said, "I draw my inspiration from so many people and situations that it would be impossible to name all of them. Although I can say that alot of my music is based on lyrics and solid writing. I studied writers such as Richard Wright and Langston Hughes when it came to conveying emotion and story telling." When asked how does he feel about the state of hip-hop he said, "I think its great that we have all these options of promoting and corporations that recognize our talent and want to sponsor us. What I dont like about the game right now is that most main stream artist lack lyrical content and the ability to perform. All other genres of music rely on lyrics and true musical talent for there fan base while hip-hop has become saturated with alot of whack artist in the game and I'm trying to get rid of them." As you can see Hr is not to be taken lightly. HR has goals for his music to accomplish which include reaching a national and international fan base in the span of 3 years. He also plans to headline a world tour. "I want to develop U.R.E. into a major-indie label as well as a publishing and production company.

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